who we are

The men's ministry at Destiny Worship Center is a safe place where men are welcomed with numerous opportunities to grow in their personal, intimate relationship with God. We desire to help men become great husbands and fathers. However, most importantly we want to see men equipped and empowered to be sons of God and mighty warriors for His kingdom. We believe that when men become strong, courageous, humble and radical followers of Jesus Christ then marriages become strong, father-child relationships are strengthened and marketplaces will be impacted for the glory of God.


This is a place where men can do life with other men on a deeper level to help sharpen each other in every area of their lives; from singles to marriages; to personal addictions, to doing extreme sport activities, we have the perfect group for you. We are also open to other suggestions and for people to lead with what God has put on their heart.

Iron men 318

This is an elite group of men who feel called to be unnamed heroes. This group of mighty men help fund and raise up the next generation as well as reach out to the community and help those less fortunate and in need. Whatever skill set you have, there's a place for you in Iron Men 318. 



These meetings are a few times a year where large gatherings of DWC men from every campus come together to draw closer to God and each other. There is great food, lots of entertainment and an incredible message. You definitely don't want to miss any of these events and it's an excellent opportunity to invite a friend, coworker and/or neighbor.


If you would like more information about Iron Men, please email Josh Shilling at joshs@destinyworship.com